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    The Development History of Cable Trays


    For a long time, it has been customary in the domestic industrial environment to use closed cable trays (also known as trough boxes) to route various power cables or control cables. In countries such as Europe and America, a revolutionary new type of cable tray - grid pattern cable tray - is widely used.


    When it comes to grid cable trays, it is inevitable to mention a company, Cabofi, France. It can be said to be the pioneer of grid office bridges. As early as 1972, it was the first to introduce open grid office bridges in French shopping malls, and because it had a patent for this new product at that time, by the early 1990s, it monopolized the open bridge bridges in European shopping malls. Until now, Cabofi still holds more than half of the market share in open grid bridge shopping malls in Europe, and is widely used in its birthplace France. Cabofi is an expanding global company that introduces this new type of open bridge into local shopping malls every time it visits a new location. Therefore, at that time, this new type of bridge was not only widely used in Europe and America, but in recent years, it has also gained more and more users in Asia Pacific shopping malls, especially in some food and beverage factories, power plants, industrial plants, heavy industry occupations and other industrial environments. What are the advantages of this new type of cable tray after all? What are the advantages of it compared to traditional closed bridge structures? Let's take Kabofe's grid cable tray as a representative to make a comparison.


    Firstly, open the grid cable tray so that all cables are visible, which can fully control the quality of the wiring project. If problems occur in the future, it can quickly determine the problematic cables and take corresponding measures


    Secondly, the open grid cable tray allows for easy connection with various machinery and equipment, allowing for arbitrary changes in the outlet points; And it is concise and sensitive, able to be installed on the top, bottom, and periphery of production equipment, and can easily navigate various instrument centers, following the production line and assembly line devices.



    Fourthly, it is durable, safe and sturdy. The Cabofi Grid Bridge is made of high-quality steel wire welded together. The Cabofi Bridge is the most tested bridge in the world, providing users with the strongest load-bearing function with the lightest self weight,. In addition to the surface treatment of electroplated and hot-dip galvanized, Cabofei cable trays and accessories also provide high-quality stainless steel series that have been cleaned and treated. After salt spray testing, the surface has a service life three to four times that of untreated stainless steel, ensuring long-term durability even in harsh environments


    There are some personal differences and commonalities in the Cabofei Grid Bureau bridge, such as its rapid device system, which directly connects the bracket and bridge; The patented quick connector allows for quick connection between two cable trays without the need for screws and nuts, which can help shorten installation time and ensure timely completion of the project.

      總而言之,這種革命性的網(wǎng)格局橋架,為工業(yè)項目的描繪人員、裝置人員和終用戶(hù)都供給了極大的便利性,信任跟著(zhù)國內對這種新式產(chǎn)物知道和知道的日益加深,這種橋架的使用也必定會(huì )遍及開(kāi)來(lái)。

    In summary, this revolutionary grid type cable tray provides great convenience for industrial project designers, installation personnel, and end-users. With the increasing awareness and knowledge of this new product in domestic shopping malls, the use of this type of cable tray is bound to be widespread.


    Thirdly, Cabofi can be used in various device methods and does not require special customized components such as bending, tees, spools, reducers, etc. These special components can be directly made using simple tools (scissors) to select straight section bridge frames on the construction site, helping users shorten the drawing and installation time. In addition, this new layout can also effectively control cables, and the future protection and promotion will also be very simple.

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